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2018 Little Ra Ra Petillant #1

Two thirds free run Shiraz juice and one third Sauvignon Blanc. Bottled live and lightly disgorged prior to release. Watermelon and pulped strawberry make a strong first impression upon pouring. More aromas of icing sugar and lemon custard with a palate of watermelon, lychee and sherbet that brings instant appeal. Lightly disgorged. 

“There’s no such thing as one beer”, applies here.

2018 Little Ra Ra Petillant #2

Whole bunch fermented SB, bottled in August after priming with sweet grape juice from the same pick. Paw paw, mango lassie, and white pepper aromas are joined in the palate by grapefruit and prominent orange. Digging deeper unearths turmeric, dried sage, and butter. Released with a healthy sediment. Chill well prior to opening.


2018 Sauvignon

"A complex rendition of the variety that feel built around textural element, savouriness and more detail than expected. It's heady in perfume of citrus and green melon with faint oatmeal and nuttiness while the palate does a similar spectrum across its impressive length. Texture shows slippery then chalky, a triumph in its way. It's a super wine, this."
94 Points. Mike Bennie, Wine Business Magazine.

2018 Franc

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2018 Malbec

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2018 Shiraz

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2018 Sparkling Shiraz

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2018 Syrah

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2018 Cabernet

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2018 Union

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2017 Little Ra Ra Petillant

Sparkly Rose, mostly of Shiraz and Sauvignon Blanc made in the Pétillant Naturel method.  Bottled live and disgorged to a clean finish without the addition of S02.
Pale salmon in colour, smelling of strawberry and tropical components with muddled mint and oven fresh croissant adding complexity to both aroma and palate.

2017 Little Ra Ra Roopa

Whole bunch fermented Sauvignon Blanc. A textured wine of energetic acid with a profile of grapefruit, lemon and nashi that transcends robust depths and subtle heights.
There is a certain lingering in the palate that keeps things very interesting... something of a cooling sensation, underlying a fresh citrus compote with lavender creme fraiche. Bottled unfiltered

2017 Little Ra Ra Rose

Early harvest, free run Shiraz. Pale in appearance, tasting of firm nectarine, mandarin and pulped strawberry with the slightest hint of fresh vanilla bean to finish. Barrel aged on fine lees for a period of five months. Bottled unfiltered.

2017 Little Ra Ra Rouge

Early picked Shiraz with just two hours skin contact. Pressed, then dressed with a second parcel of extended maceration, whole bunch Shiraz plus a little Cabernet Franc and Sauvignon Blanc  for complexity, sophistication and a good time respectively. A wildly pleasing mouthful of red fruit pastel, cherry, nectarine and pineapple. A grown up’s juicy cup. Bottled unfiltered

2017 Little Ra Ra Noir

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2017 Sauvignon

Our 2017 Sauvignon Blanc was the final white to be picked at Pyren... an enlarged style, this fruit was pressed into new 500L Hungarian oak barrels to ferment before being rested in situ for a total of three months whilst undergoing complete malolactic conversion. This wine was then transferred to stainless and allowed to rest outside over winter to stabilise, before being bottled in early October, unfined and unfiltered.
Smells of Lime Coola, straw, cigar box and earth. Pears and pineapple come through on the palate, followed by thyme and green peppercorn.
Well weighted and opulent mouth feel, where upon whipped butter is coated in rich creamier butter.

2017 Franc

50% whole bunch Carbonic Ferment (three weeks) / 50% whole berry open ferment. Rested in both neutral French hogsheads and stainless.
All things Willy Wonka upon opening and first pour... Original Hubba Bubba, Red Frog and liquorice with blueberry and exaggerated grape relayed to the palate.
Transforms in the glass with smoked ham filled croissant, directed through a subtle edged savoury path (Visual cue - Cooch over the pavement out front of the local butcher).
Finishes with fresh sage, evoking an inviting, wanting and curious drink.

2017 Malbec

"Pyren Vineyard have seemingly leapt another yard forward with recent releases, an ever improving project based out of Pyrenees in Victoria. Here is malbec, carbon macerated and sent to neutral oak for a early release.
Juicy, vibrant red of plummy fruit and faint black currant pastille vibes. Easy to slosh into glass, easy to guzzle, lively fruit characters gently sweet and then a gummy chew of chalky tannins finishes things. It’s a fun wine with some substance, and a lot of positive things to say. Get into it." 
91 Points. Mike Bennie, The Wine Front.

2017 Shiraz

This is a wine subtle in nature, not overbearing in its composure. Consisting of everything and nothing at all. Doing a dance in a room with no light. Smells of pine mushroom, green pepper corn, and bush vegetation with black truffle, mango and spice to follow. The palate carries delicate red berry fruit, okra, and spice. More pepper and a dash of paprika.

Bottled with a four percent whole bunch inclusion and rested in 300L French and Hungarian barrels.

"A fascinating, rather mesmerising wine with a mix of red cherry, pimento, tomato leaf and lemon tones. The palate is gently textured and perfectly medium-bodied. A stylish wine that is absolutely lovely to drink. Very well-made."
91 Points. Toni Paterson, The Real Review.

2017 Sparkling Shiraz

Traditional Method Sparkling Shiraz. 30% new Hungarian oak. Disgorged in November 2018, with 20g/L dosage. Cherry and raspberry is dressed with twinkle and sparkle by way of clove and black pepper. Powdered cocoa, burnt orange and cedar round out the equation, leaving you giddy like a Christmas luncheon.



2017 Syrah

Pyrenees is being put in lights by Pyren Vineyard. Here’s another good wine out of their stables.
It’s a rich, peppery, ample red. Soft and fleshy but held with fine, suede tannins. Potent in perfume with violets, pepper, sweet plum, black olive and sarsaparilla. Gentle sweetness to taste, the tang of salted liquorice in the mix, light minty/green herb characters too. It’s got a charming feel, glides on the palate, finishes long, feels like a solid winter warmer but with a touch of class in tow.
93 Points. Mike Bennie, The Wine Front.

2017 Cabernet

Praline, mint, black fruit, Kopiko lollies, earth, violets. Medium-bodied, savoury style, more into coffee and hazelnut, but dense and dark fruited, fresh with silty tannin, and a long fat smooth finish. Marches to the beat of its own drum, which is no bad thing. Really like this.
93 Points. Gary Walsh, The Wine Front.

2017 Union

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2016 Little Ra Ra Roopa

Skin contact white wine aka orange wine. This is very well done here. Sauvignon blanc and riesling are the grapes.
Well this is fun. It has texture, colour, interest, wild scents, freshness, ultra crunchy-powdery texture, good times written all over it. Layers of flavour and perfume in candied citrus, black tea, herbal nuance, spice. Crystallised ginger through and through. Love that texture. Great stuff here.
92 Points. Mike Bennie, TWF.

2016 Little Ra Ra Franc

50% whole bunch fermented Cabernet Franc brings a juicy wine with an earthly footing. A medium weight palate of vibrant fruit is joined with spice, pepper and mixed herb. Indulgent, puckery tannin builds on the finish with savoury fruit that continues well after sipping.

"Pyrenees cabernet franc has a nice ring to it. There’s a splash of shiraz in this wine too. Pyren Vineyard have shifted culture a little in recent years and some increasingly good/interesting wines have emerged. A bit more flair, let’s say. Nice.
This has a good vibe. It’s all juicy and crisp-edged, fruit driven but spicy, peppery and savoury, spiked with herbs and has this excellent tannin pucker to finish. It’s vibrant, slosh-worthy stuff but could step up the rungs in the fancy stakes if dressed up with appropriate stemware and dining. It’s a very good example of medium weight, savoury, bright flavoured Australian red that suits a wealth of occasions. It’s delicious, all up, is the take away message."
92 Points. Mike Bennie, TWF.

 2016 Little Ra Ra Noir

"Last year was Nero d’Avola, and this year it’s Schioppettino (91%) and Shiraz. Excellent! Ra Ra!
Well, it’s quite a different expression of Schioppettino for me, or at least what I’m used to. This is sweet and juicy, with blackcurrent and blackberry, a little spice and new leather, but almost jubey in its presentation. There’s a light (and varietal) dusting of peppery tannin, though it’s kind of lost in the curranty fruit. Still, it’s pretty honest and enjoyable, if not complex."
88 Points. Gary Walsh, TWF.



2016 Syrah

"Distinct regional character woven into an expressive wine. Howzat!
There’s a kind of unadorned feel here. Pure fruit, energetic, sweet berries matched to green herbs and briar, with a good dash of pepper and game meat too. Silky texture, medium weight, inky but not overt, nice glide to a gentle pucker. Lovely feel here, superb balance and drinkability is very high." 
92 points. Mike Bennie, TWF

2016 Cabernet

"Cabernet in a wax sealed Burgundy bottle (perhaps suggesting a little Loire styling?). Seems to be a winery that’s innovating or re-inventing itself. Regardless, impressed with their work of late.
Lovely natural tasting wine, I felt the love from the start. Blackcurrant, blackberry with a little bustle in its hedgerow, aniseed, dark chocolate, a damp earthy thing too. Medium-bodied, fat earthy silty tannin, lovely bitter dark chocolate flavour, dried rose and mint mouth-perfume, cool clear acidity, and again a thick but ripe tannin finish, some amaro in the aftertaste. Gee, I bloody like this."
95 Points. Gary Walsh, TWF.

2016 Union

Coming Soon



2015 Little Ra Ra Roopa

"79% Sauvignon Blanc and 21% Riesling. Came with no press release (no problem) and no RRP on bottle (a pain). Riesling stays on skins for a couple of days. Sauvignon Blanc whole bunch fermented for 10 days before being pressed to barrel. Lovely packaging. And with a little imagination, you can do very good things with Sauvignon.
Spice, flowers, tangerine and almonds, with a certain muskiness to its perfume. It’s savoury, spicy and fleshy with clean acidity, a beautiful suede-like texture, and a gently earthy tangerine and herb laced finish of fine length. This is SO good to drink."
93 Points. Gary Walsh, TWF.

2015 Little Ra Ra Rose

"56% Shiraz, 29% Cabernet Sauvignon with 15% Sauvignon Blanc. Fermented and matured in old oak barriques for 11 months on lees prior to bottling in Feb ’16.
Herbal and spicy thing, blackcurrant and earth, gooseberry, and tangy grapefruity flavour. Has a herb and tinned grapefruit finish, pretty good shape and acidity, but the flavours don’t quite hang together for me; like three people trying to get out of the lift at once.
86 Points. Gary Walsh, TWF"

2015 Little Ra Ra Franc

86% Cabernet Franc with 14% Shiraz. Fresh young Cabernet Franc is a delicious wine.
Juicy raspberry and blackcurrant, dried rose and grassy perfume, plenty of spice and dried herb. It’s light and fresh, juicy in flavour, but not simple as such, and writes the pleasing herbal signature of Franc with pride. Bouncy and playful, with fine grained tannin tightening up the finish. Dangerously easy to drink. Well done!
92 Points. Gary Walsh, TWF.

2015 Little Ra Ra Noir

"94% Nero d’Avola from Heathcote (Chalmers) with a squirt of Pyrenees Shiraz. Looks like they are hitting it square on with this new range: packaging + contents + price (could be a wee bit lower, perhaps).
Juicy blueberry and boysenberry, with some spice, subtle bubblegum perfume, and salt beef savouries. Light to medium bodied, almost a slatey feel to the tannin and acidity, freshness and juicy flavour, and a dry saline finish of good length. Runs along very nicely. Easy going with a little complexity. Perfect for casual dining and the like."
91 Points, Gary Walsh, TWF



2015 Yardbird Union

"Bringing together cabernet sauvignon, cabernet franc, malbec and petit verdot here. From the Pyrenees, Victoria. A producer waiting in the wings, but seemingly on the rise and rise. This wine sees a stately 15 months in French oak. One of those gems, here.
Really lovely perfume, so fragrant, has you thinking of small blue berries, bayleaf, white pepper, briar, faint graphite. Elegant is a good word for how the wine in feels in the mouth. Soft, succulent, mouthwatering, gentle and long in flavour. More of the bouquet to taste, very slender ribs of tannin drawing things out luxuriously. It’s gentle, so power is a word missing here, but the drinking is great."
93+ Points. Mike Bennie, TWF